Getting people outside is more important than ever, for a few reasons. First of all it is our societal duty to try and help to reverse the trend of our society becoming less and less healthy, and we believe that getting people out of their chairs and into nature is by far the most effective way to do that.

Secondly, we want to give back to the millions of outdoor enthusiasts For them and for everyone else in Europe we want to facilitate and promote outdoor activity and infrastructure in general.

This is where ItsGreatOutThere comes in. ItsGreatOutThere is a non-profit organisation that has as its main aim to inspire and enable people to get outside. We will do this through the funding of projects and events aimed at getting people active outdoors in all countries in Europe and the communication about these activities through multiple channels to inspire even more people to follow. We intend to partner with industry organizations, associations, national governments and the EU to reach millions of people and lead the way to a more active lifestyle fueled by the outdoors for European citizens. And lastly we want to share one of the greatest gifts mankind was ever given with you: The beautiful, great outdoors.

Please join us now.


Photo: Ferrino