Getting Europe
Active Outdoors

Inspiring individuals and communities to explore the outdoors
safely and responsibly, one activity day at a time.

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Photo by Hej Främling

Our Impact

The It’s Great Out There Coalition is a not-for-profit collaboration on a European level launched by the outdoor industry in 2017 to increase public awareness of the benefits and positive impact of outdoor activities for individuals and for society.


We motivate people to get active outdoors responsibly

Here you can find inspiring stories from other users, tips, tricks and ideas that will motivate you for your next outdoor adventure. Because it’s great out there!

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We activate people by supporting deserving outdoor projects with grants

The Coalition provides funding to deserving projects aimed at getting people active outdoors responsibly through the #itsgreatoutthere grants.

Any organisation can apply for an #itsgreatoutthere grant. The grants will be given to non-profit initiatives which have primarily been developed to take new participants into the outdoors.

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We advocate for responsible, well-managed outdoor activity and green space

It’s great out there supports extraordinary projects with strong partners who want to be present. Present where they are really needed. We work Europe-wide to inspire and promote outdoor activities.

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What we’ve been up to lately?

Learning to love the outdoors with the Youth Adventure Trust

The Coalition launches #itsgreatoutthere Outdoor Activity Days and announces a new round of funding for grassroots projects

Photo: Learning to love the outdoors with the Youth Adventure Trust   Since its launch in 2017, the Coalition has grown into a major pan-European movement, inspiring citizens to get active in the outdoors. Through the #itsgreatouthere campaign, the coalition has both promoted outdoor participation to the public and worked

It’s Great Out There Coalition: Annual Report 2020

Last December, we held our General Assembly (online, of course), updating our members about activities during 2020 and outlining plans for the year ahead. Despite the exceptional circumstances, we were able to reflect on lots of positive progress. The core message of #itsgreatoutthere resonated more than ever during 2020, and
WHO guidelines on physical activity

“Being physically active…can help add years to life and life to years”

At #itsgreatoutthere campaign HQ (which moves around, but is usually on a hill or mountain somewhere), we were very interested to see the news that the World Health Organization (WHO) has released new physical activity guidelines, recommending that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity
Black Girls Hike

Inclusivity and diversity in the outdoors – leading campaigners in the news

From the moment that we launched the #itsgreatoutthere campaign, one of our key priorities has been to encourage greater diversity in the outdoors. We have championed projects that seek to accomplish this and actively supported many through our #itsgreatoutthere grants programme, directly helping thousands of new people from many different
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How you can support us?

The Coalition raises funds to get Europe active outdoors through Outdoor Activity Days, days of physical activity in nature organised through the #itsgreatoutthere grants programme.

Every €40 raised, equals one person spending one day out in nature, learning about the benefits of outdoor activity for physical and mental health, learning how to spend time outdoors responsibly.

Let’s make a difference and get Europe active outdoors!

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