Watch: BANFF Adventure Films Collection #2


Handpicked adventure from BANFF is back! We’re delighted to bring you our second dose of inspirational short films, for an evening of gripping adventure from the comfort of your own sofa!

This collection of films takes us from the little-travelled and even less tarmacked roads of Kyrgyzstan, to North America’s oldest extreme sport, the astonishingly dangerous and fast paced Indian Relay (featuring bareback horse riding). There’s also trail running, slopestyle mountain biking, surfing… and as well as extreme sports, an insight into the characters who push themselves beyond their limits on these epic journeys too.

So grab the popcorn, make a brew, get your mates watching at the same time (in their houses) and flick on the surround sound – it’s show time!


Follow this link to watch the #2 Collection on the BANFF website!