The perfect, quick camping recipe – Veggie Couscous with sun-dried tomatoes and feta

Couscous is a traditional food from Northern African cultures. I think there’s no dish that is easier to prepare than Couscous. You simply need to add hot water and let them fluff up into a more substantive meal. Besides that Couscous is extremely healthy. It is rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, selenium, potassium and magnesium.

Couscous is also a carbohydrate-rich food. And you need those carbs and their energy for a day full of activities! So it’s the perfect dinner on the day before you plan a hiking day, but also afterwards to refill your stores. Or you even could take the couscous with you on the track, cause it tastes also good as a cold dish.
Because it is so simple to prepare it’s the perfect food for camping trips. You don’t need to bring a ton of stuff to make a delicious meal.

We often go on overnight missions and there isn’t always room for all the food you’d love to take with you. So on the next day when we are back from the mountains we are craving for food. The last thing you wanna do is to spend too much time making a meal now. That’s why the following recipe is our „number-one-after-outdoor-adventures“ food!

Here is my favorite Couscous recipe:

The feta makes this dish super creamy and the dried tomatoes gives it an intense flavor.


1 Cup Couscous

150g Feta, crumbled

1 Cup Sun-dried Tomatoes, cut into pieces

1 Onion, cut into small slices

2 Carrots, cut into thin slices

2 big Sweet Potatoes, cut into little chunks (every vegetable fits for this dish, just take what you find in your fridge or find out which combination you like most! I also love it with pumpkin)


2 tbsp Rape Oil or Coconut Oil


Heat the oil in a large pot. Saute the onion for several minutes till glassy.

Add vegetables and cook till they are soft.

Meanwhile prepare the couscous. Put one cup couscous into a pot and add 1 1/2 cups of hot water. Let it steam for about five minutes.

Then put the couscous into the pot with vegetables and add feta, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs.

Mix it well and let it cook till the feta is creamy.


Thanks Helena for this yummy recipe.

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