The Great Indoors: Scout’s Top 5 Activities To Keep Your Kids Engaged at Home


Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash


The Scouts teach us how to make an adventure out of being stuck at home.

Compass Coding | Use coding and compass direction to help a ScoutBot get to camp.

It’s Knot you, it’s me! | Knots can be more than they seem. Discover the art of macramé and how different knots make different patterns.

Be a blackout Poet | Blackout poems are made using pages from books, newspapers, or magazines. Blackout poets pick out single words or phrases from the existing text, then piece them together to make something new. This kind of poetry embraces randomness and also gives people a chance to mix poetry and visual art.

A Flair for Hot Air | Finding out how hot air balloons work by crafting your own and watching it fly up, up and away.

Flying your Flag for The Planet | Flag up issues and share your promise to help improve the natural environment in your local area.

It’s in challenging times like these that we show our true Scout colours and our values most. I know that you’ll continue to rise to the challenge, and we’ll continue to support you in doing so.


You can view all the activities HERE