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Activation, inclusion, conservation

One in three children Worldwide spend less than an hour outside per day. Also, over 60 % of the European population seldom or never takes part in any physical activity.

Well-managed, responsible outdoor activity could play a huge role in addressing the physical inactivity health crisis while simultaneously helping to raise awareness around the importance of physical activity for physical and mental health and wellbeing, and the importance of responsible behaviour in nature for its conservation.

One day at a time

The Coalition makes a difference one day at a time by delivering Outdoor Activity Days, targeted physical activity interventions in nature aiming to activate sustainably, inclusively and responsibly.

Any organisation or individual can choose to donate any number of Outdoor Activity Days to the Coalition. For each donated Outdoor Activity Day the Coalition will ensure that one person spends one day in nature in line with our minimum requirements and, to some extent, donor preferences and are delivered through the #itsgreatoutthere grants programme.

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One Outdoor Activity Day represents a financial value of €40. This value was calculated on basis of the averages of project costs in past years, the estimated cost per person of a fully guided day of activities for a group of 10 persons including transportation, and Coalition expenditure related to the grants programme and other Coalition activities.

Outdoor Activity Days & Coalition Membership

Any organisation or individual can choose to donate any number of Outdoor Activity Days to the Coalition. When organisation donate a minimum number of activity days on a yearly basis, they are considered members of the Coalition. Donations exceeding the minimum amounts are encouraged in line with our goal to get Europe active outdoors. One-time donations, whatever their amount, are encouraged, but do not result in membership of the Coalition.





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Pledge your donations for 2021 before 31 March 2021 to enable us to fund the first round of Outdoor Activity Days for 2021 delivered through the #itsgreatoutthere grants programme.


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