Perfect snacks for a hiking day

If you’re just starting out hiking, take it easy. The most important thing is to be organized which means you have to plan a bit beforehand. Don’t take on too much. Find an easy trail for one to two hours and if you end up loving it, try longer distances on more rugged and remote trails. Step by step – that’s the only way how hiking is fun. Plus a good company and good snacks. Because food tastes better in the mountains 🙂

If you know how your body works, you know which and how much snacks you’ll need. But if you’re on the beginning of your hiking career it’s good to be prepared. For a day hike you need food that is nutritious, provides energy and isn’t too bulky.

But let’s start with the most important thing:

1. WATER!!!

Proper hydration is just as important as proper nutrition. And don’t take sugar canes with you, because they have the opposite effect. Use water, tea or natural diluted apple juice.

And now my favorite hike snacks:

2. Trail mix

A mixture of nuts, seeds and dried fruits is a tasty way to boost your energy in-between times. You easily can make your own mix, by using raisins, dates, … and add any nuts and seeds you like. Make sure that the fruits are without sugar. Trail mix is easy to carry and tastes delicious.

3. Homemade granola bars

If you have time, make your own granola bars. Why? You know whats inside! And it’s super easy to make them. Most of the bars you find in supermarkets are just bars of refined sugar, so it’s worth taking a good look at the ingredients.

4. Fresh fruits

I prefer to take an apple and a banana with me and in summer I love to take some berries too, best case would be to find them on the track. But every fruit is good and you can carry what you like. The only downside with bananas is that they bruise easily, so be sure to pack them well.
I LOVE the combination apple and nuts 🙂

5. Summit snacks

If you reach your goal, you have definitely earned to feed your rumbling tummy with delicious food, that make all the struggles worthwhile. Find a nice place to sit down, take in the view and enjoy your snacks.

For me a whole grain bread with avocado, cheese and some vegetables, like carrots and pepper, is the perfect summit snack. A hard boiled egg with salt is the icing on the cake.

6. Sweets

DON’T forget the Chocolate!!!! 😀
Dark Chocolate with dates are a must have on our hiking trips!!

7. Last but no least: Always remember to leave no trash!

Take it with you because nobody likes a trail covered in wrappers.

Thanks Helena for these tips.

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