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The outdoors is a space for everyone, no matter what age, gender or culture. Since we founded the It’s Great Out There Coalition, we have worked hard to inspire more citizens to get active outside, with a particular focus on helping young people from diverse backgrounds to explore the natural world. Through our direct work and the projects that have been supported by #itsgreatoutthere grants, we have witnessed the huge positive impact that proactive initiatives can make, which is why we are supporting the One Run Global Challenge.

On Human Rights Day on Thursday 10th December, One Run Global Challenge will unite thousands of people from 195 countries as they run, walk or move their body for one hour to raise funds to end child discrimination. Whether it’s running a 10k in your local park with friends or walking around the dinner table due to lockdown restrictions, everyone is invited.

Have a look at the great short film above for an insight into this exciting event and sign up to take part in One Run Global Challenge at

One Run Global Challenge


“I was only 4 years old when the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina began. My father was killed, and my mother, who was pregnant, my sister and I were expelled to Croatia. We lived there as refugees until the end of the war when the opportunity arose to return to our country. I spent most of my first 20 years moving from place to place because I could never return to my city. Eventually, we moved to Sarajevo, where I graduated from college and made lasting friends. That’s where the first loves started, that’s where I got married, but also divorced.
When that happened, I gained 10 pounds. I wasn’t feeling well and I started listening to what my body and mind needed. Friends recommended the running school to me and from my first workout running became the biggest love of my life. In the five years, I have completed 7 marathons and about 100 other races, of different distances. Running also took me to triathlon, so I got a road bike and learned to swim at the age of 28.
In the meantime, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the capital of Sarajevo, I founded the largest racing group in my country, which has more than 200 members who are active throughout the year. By running, we change the consciousness of the people around us and learn that everything is possible, even forgetting the war and all the difficult situations that life has   prepared for us.”


“Hi, My name is Brittney, not legally yet but soon. I grew up as Brett, a young man from a rural area in the State of Maine.
As a person in transition and a future social worker and advocate for transgender rights and equality, I this as an event to broaden my perspective in the global community. Sharing the experience with my network of friends and acquaintances to promote social justice and reform.
I never really enjoyed running as a Marine, it was just part of the job and physically readiness was a promotion tool. The One Run For Boston 2 is where I found my love for running. I started training for the first stage in Santa Monica and during that time my mother passed away from cancer. I started to use my training runs to clear my head and through the group we had on Facebook I found a new family of support and love. Since then I have run 2 Marathons, 12 halfs, and numerous 5 and 10k’s. I have also run or assisted in a few other charity runs whether virtually or in person.”


“Hi I’m Julie and I started running 1st January 2017, just between lampposts initially. Now I love to run long distances and have signed up for my first ultra! I only had emergency surgery 9 weeks ago but ran the virtual London Marathon shortly after because I love to challenge myself and see what my body is capable of. I’m learning my body is capable of anything if only I believe in myself and that’s what running has taught me that our bodies really are amazing and we just need to trust it will do what we ask if we run with our heart!
As a nurse I have a lot of stress at work, especially in the current climate and having had covid myself, I find running helps with the anxiety related to this. Running makes me a nicer  person to live with! I would like every single human to be treated with love, dignity and respect. No matter who they were or what they had done. Forgiveness is key to making this world a better place!”


“Hi – I’m Diane…. When I received an email about participating in One Run there wasn’t a hesitation on my part. I’m a general manager of a hockey team, a wife, mother of 3 and grandmother of 3. This year has been pretty rough and this has given me the motivation I needed.
I wish I had some running photos to share however I’m not a runner but I’m a pretty good walker, and who knows I may work my way up so I can be right alongside the rest of you! I will be walking on Dec. 10, hopefully gathering more people to join me and bringing awareness for equality.”


One Run - Diane

“Hi I’m Jo! Although I’m 56 I only found out how good running is for the soul over the past 3 or 4 years.
I’m hoping to complete One Run with a group of friends and go as far as we can. I’m smashing lung cancer for six at the moment so tend to run/walk. If I had a superpower it would be to make the world a kinder place for every living thing.”


OneRun - Jo

“Hi, I’m Eliza, I come from the land down under! I discovered Project Awesome a couple of years ago and wanted to be a part of it even though I’m in Australia. Fast-forward and I couldn’t miss being a part of One Run! I used to be obese, discovered ultra running, weight lifting, mountain biking, bouldering, and I haven’t looked back nor been an unhealthy weight since. In 2019 I was diagnosed with MS
and am adapting to the changes.
I aim for the 10th of December to be my longest, most challenging, and most satisfying run since my diagnosis (10k sounds reasonable?), and to show my family and friends that there are always ways to achieve what you want. I am also so glad to be a part of such a worthy cause, thanks One Run for creating something and spreading it around the world!”


“I am Brian. I used to smoke 20 a day and drink heavily. I found running and it saved my life. I’m fitter now than I’ve been since I was 20 – 40 years ago! And it doesn’t just keep me healthy – I’ve met great people, friends, from this amazing running community.
I want to take part in One Run because it allows me to connect with people all over the world. People who will have found the same mental and physical health benefits. People who are sharing the same community as me but just in a different place. The experience may differ from mine but deep down we are having the same experience.”


OneRun - Brian

“I was born in Kartong southern Gambia. I am an International journalist and environmental activist specialising in China Africa Relations. I am the founder and CEO of Their Voice Must Be Heard, Editor in Chief Kartong Weekly News and Chief Consultant at Green Consultant Gambia.
I starting running as a child kid running during the school annual student sports competition. I realized the importance of running since then because it kept me fit and healthy. I want to raise more awareness on Human Rights by participating in One Run. As a human rights champion, my participation will raise lots of awareness on human rights violations happening in my country The Gambia.”


OneRun - Mustapha

“Hello everyone. My name is Pié Traore. I am from Burkina Faso.
I am a PE teacher and track and field coach. I like to motivate people around me to practice physical activities. I am personally a member of a team that organize every year the 10 km de Ouaga race which had 1000 participants in 2020. So I am thankful to One run team for this brilliant initiative. I wish everyone in the world and in Africa to join One run team!”

Pié Traore

OneRUn - Pié

“I am the Founder/Chief Executive Officer of the Noela Lyonga Foundation an organisation that promotes volunteerism and inspires people to develop themselves and their communities at large (for more information please visit:
I am a historian, humanitarian, focusing on promoting the rehabilitation and reintegration of juveniles and women in prison, providing volunteer placement opportunities for job seekers, encouraging community development initiatives and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle among young people. I got into running while I was still in primary school and running has always been a passion for me. Thanks to Run the World I got more engaged in public running with other people most especially through projects like Youths Who Run the World (see more on Instagram).
With more passion for running with others now, I was recommended to partake in One Run. Opps! Now I’m extremely excited to partake in this wonderful programme for the sake of humanity. Uniting humans is a priority for mine and this whole reason has proven to be a necessity for my participation in One Run this year.”

Noela Lyonga Mwindo

OneRun - Noela

“Mauri from Kiribati, my name is Tebeio Tamton – a full-time single parent of a beautiful baby daughter, fish inspector by profession and LGBT advocate by passion.
I am delighted to be joining and supporting the campaign One Run Global from Kiribati to ensure that i-Kiribati are able to participate in this good cause. I believe that this could assist me to lead and promote people to appreciate the great outdoors that our beautiful island has to offer, while at the same time be able to live an active and healthy lifestyle as individuals, groups and communities here on our beloved island or Kiribati.
The photo is a recent picture of myself and my co-workers that was during our cleanathon (fundraising and team building exercise) here in South Tarawa where we walked along the Dai Nippon Causeway (connecting the isles of Betio and Bairiki), it’s mostly beaches and you have the lagoon and ocean on either side, which is why it’s a hotspot for picnics. We called it a cleanathon because our team was also able to pick up inorganic waste materials, mostly plastic cutleries to fill up a few garbage bags which were picked up and dropped off at the nearest landfill.”