Kids Microadventure – Get a bunch of kids …

Get a bunch of kids …

with Alastair Humphrey

Get a bunch of kids.

Let them walk over a big hill, eat outside, run a bit wild, jump in a river, toast marshmallows and sleep under the stars in their clothes.

Here is what happens:

Many thanks to all the children and teachers involved in this microadventure. Have a look at their class blog and read about the microadventure in their own words.

TWO YEARS LATER I returned to the school for another microadventure:

(And here you can see how they got involved with my row across the Atlantic Ocean last year).

Has this inspired you to try a microadventure of your own? Why not make the most of next week’s solstice and give it a go? Find out more here.

Thank you to Alpkit for the bivvy bags and sleeping mattresses.

Thanks Alastair, for this wonderful inspiration.