Kids Camping Printables to Take on the Outdoors This Summer

Nothing says summer camping quite like crafting some gooey s’mores or roasting banana boats over the fire pit. This time every year, millions of families take to the great outdoors to pitch tents and breathe in some fresh pine-scented air. Some are seasoned veterans when it comes to picking a camping spot and enjoying the outdoors to its fullest potential, for others it’s their first time pitching a tent with kids. Regardless of your experience, age or where you live, camping is a great way to build unforgettable family memories and sustainable connection with nature — so why not teach your kids at a young age?

When kids camp, they learn valuable life lessons. And while many don’t appreciate it until they get a bit older, camping helps create memories that will last a lifetime and expand their world beyond the playground, iPads and pre-packaged snacks. In fact, camping has a wealth of benefits for kids.

  • It teaches them that not all vacations need to be expensive
  • They learn basic survival skills
  • It stimulates creativity
  • They learn to respect nature at an early age
  • And learn confidence, feeling safe to go explore on their own.

Benefits aside, camping does require a bit of preparation, especially if you have a family in tow. Everything from packing the right gear to reserving a spot months in advance has to be thought out. Preparation also includes bringing along or thinking out activities for kids during the trip. Because while nature can be entertaining, the inevitable mentions of boredom or “are we there yet?” questions have a tendency to arise. To make sure your kiddos have plenty of activities for the trip, we recommend this collection of adorable and interactive camping-themed printables.

Animal Tracks Explorer

Among the list are games like the animal tracks explorer—a list of animal footprints designed to be cut out as cards and strung together with yarn or attached to a lanyard for ease of use. These include visuals for what specific animal tracks look like, their size and fun facts about each animal, so your kids will be engaged as they explore the nearby areas of your campsite.

Camping-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Then, there’s the camping-themed scavenger hunt—a checklist that utilizes commonly found items in the outdoors like pinecones, acorns or moss. This way you don’t have to spend time making and hiding clues. A scavenger hunt is a fun family game that can be done in teams (i.e., as part of a relay) or solo, plus it’s a good tool for teaching your child to observe their surroundings.

Camping Supplies Game

For younger kids who aren’t quite ready to help with pitching a tent, there’s the camping supplies game. Cut out the different items and let them practice setting up “their own” miniature campsite.

For more camping games to take with you this summer, check out this complete collection of kids printables.