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Health benefits of the outdoors

One in three children Worldwide spend less than an hour outside per day. In addition to that, about half of children opt for screen time alone over playing with others outdoors and spend several hours a day sitting down in front of digital media.

Outdoor activities could play a huge role in reversing the inactivity trend. Out of the active European population, 40% have indicated in the 2018 Eurobarometer survey on Physical Activity that they prefer parks and the outdoors to be active. Extrapolating that percentage to the inactive population, there are another 177.9 million Europeans ready to be convinced to get active outdoors.

Getting Europe Active Outdoors

The It’s Great Out There Coalition is a unique not-for-profit collaboration on a European level launched by the outdoor industry in 2017 to increase public awareness of the benefits and positive impact of outdoor activities for individuals and for society.

The Coalition provides a platform for a wide range of industry actors including public and private, for-profit and not-for profit stakeholders coming together to promote their common mission: Getting Europe Active Outdoors.

Through its activities, the Coalition aims to inspire generations of Europeans to embrace the outdoors by spreading the message that #itsgreatoutthere.

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We offer two types of memberships


€ 5.000

/ yearly

Outdoor sports brands and retailers or other commercial entities are invited to join our Coalition as a Full Member.


Direct public engagement.
Over the first 18 months, we reached over 50 million people. A massive audience waits for your #ItsGreatOutThere content thanks to the combined reach of our full and associate members on social media and other digital platforms.
Massive media exposure.
A share of positive campaign media coverage throughout Europe, reaching millions of people.
Great content.
Together with our partners across Europe we bring positive stories and initiatives to your doorstep that promote our values helping you to inspire your audience to do more.
Thought leadership.
Contributing to #itsgreatoutthere is a badge of honour in the industry, signifying your role in leading profound political, social and industry change towards a more sustainable, more inclusive and more diverse outdoor audience.
A seat at the policymaking table.
Let the voice of the outdoor industry be heard and let us lead by example – the It’s Great Out There Coalition already has a seat at the table in Brussels contributing to the future of outdoor activity by providing good practice examples, through advocacy and by developing projects together with partners on a European level.
The finger at the pulse.
In collaboration with the European Outdoor Group, the It’s Great Out There Coalition collects evidence of the benefits of outdoor activities and statistics on outdoor and consumer behavior and trends, allowing your organization to keep the finger at the pulse of the European outdoor enthusiast and the future outdoor generations.


€ 0

/ yearly

Any government, not-for-profit institution can join our Coalition as an Associate Member.


Potential public exposure and engagement.
Contribute to and benefit from a positive campaign which has yielded great media coverage throughout Europe, reaching millions of people.
Great content.
Contribute to and benefit from great stories and initiatives that promote our values and help you to inspire your audience to do more.
Policy participation.
Contribute to and benefit from our advocacy work on a European level and help us develop great projects on a European level.
Contribute to and benefit from the research and evidence we are collecting on the benefits of outdoor activities, behaviors and trends.
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