Hiking with Kids – nature is the largest and most exciting playground

With these tips, kids are on the right path: into nature.

While adults find their fulfilment on the quiet panorama trail after a stressful week, this route may mean the exact opposite for children. Little adventurers from 4 years are discoverers and perceive their environment more and more consciously. The fantastic panorama, the good air and the delicious mountain cheese on the 2.200m summit alpine dairy are perhaps well-intentioned, but not for children. “Boring hiking routes” are simply exhausting and dull for most children. Nature offers so many small things and exciting details that are rather hidden from us adults. First of all, you have to make a clear distinction between the age of the child.

With small babies …

… you need a good carrying system on tour. Babies that can’t even sit belong in a baby carrier or pram. If you have a baby carriage, you should think very carefully about which route to take. It also is also staded that children under the age of two should not be exposed to an altitude difference of more than 1,500 metres. Your body is barely able to adapt to changing climatic conditions. So for the first three years, keep it calm.

With infants …

… who can sit alone, there is already the much more flexible variant with the Kraxe. Deuter, for example, offers the KID COMFORT in three different versions. Well thought-out, close fitting and comfortable for child as well as for wearer.

Children from 4 to 5 years of age …

… on the other hand, are on a course of discovery. This is mainly about the right motivation, because you can assume that “hiking” is not one of the children’s favourite activities. It is crucial to choose a route that meets the needs of young explorers.

Important are:

Adventure (bridges over raging streams, winding mule tracks in the forest, short via ferrata)

Animals (fire salamanders, eagles, chamois)

Wild nature (waterfall, gumpen, rocks, trees for climbing)

In addition, the route should not overtax any child in terms of length and difficulty. Many mountain railways now offer an adventure hiking trail in summer, which is perfectly adapted to the kids in terms of education. Fun, games and discoveries in the great outdoors!

School children from 6 or 7 years of age …

…, however, want to be challenged. At this age they are also “grown-ups” and like to show what they are made of. Now there is a demand for varied tours, which can also include a challenge. For mastering narrow passages or tricky streams, parents can additionally secure their children with a harness and climbing rope. But even at this age, kids will still enjoy hiking in nature.

Basically, for every hike and every age it is necessary to plan enough time. Children always have something to discover and often need a break.

Speaking of rest, parents know what motivates their children most: A snack they really like and, for once, a delicious candy on top.  If you combine hiking with positive associations, this day will remain in good memory. And the little ones deserve it after such a tour.