Applying for an #itsgreatoutthere grant

As part of our work, the It’s Great Out There Coalition awards grants to deserving projects that share our core objective to ‘Get Europe Active Outdoors’.

Any non-profit organisation can apply for an #itsgreatoutthere grant. The grants will be given to initiatives that focus on grass roots projects, which have primarily been developed to take new participants into the outdoors.

We encourage potential applicants to team up with partners from the outdoor industry such as brands, retailers and activity providers, especially those who are already members of the coalition (you can find details of all coalition members here). We are also keen to see applications that can secure match funding from other organisations, which can help initiatives be more viable and sustainable, and engage with a larger number of people.

Grants can be awarded to support projects that reach citizens of all ages and from any background. However, one priority we have identified is ideas that will help young people access the outdoors for the first time, particularly those who are based in the inner cities or live in circumstances that mean getting access to the hills and mountains is really difficult.

The It’s Great Out There Coalition awards grants of between €1,000 and €5,000 (with a limit of one grant per organisation), and projects that can demonstrate sustainability and will keep operating after the funding period are particularly encouraged.

While we have to set out criteria and there are limitations on what an #itsgreatoutthere grant can support, we are very open to a wide range of ideas. We’re happy to hear about any project that will encourage and inspire more people to get active outdoors.

So, if you are developing a project, or would like to, please fill in the application form, email us at or use the contact form at!

Case Studies

  • 20 Okt Crossing The Alps with a school class

    Thirteen Teenagers From Northern Germany Accomplished A Huge Challenge This Summer...

  • 05 Jun It’s Great Out There: School on Wheels expedition up the Danube river

    Adventures take many forms, and can have a different purpose and meaning to every person that takes part....

  • 07 Jun It’s Great Out There: FMM Big Mountain Clean Up

    Every year on the first saturday of June, FFM (Madrilenian federation of mountaineering), convene the mountaineers from Madrid to share a day in nature....

  • 11 Jun 37 pupils are travelling by bike through the Netherlands

    The 37 pupils of class 7b from the „Freie Waldorfschule am Kräherwald e.V.“ are travelling by bike through the Netherlands. For two weeks the girls and boys discover cities and the landscape of Holland, sleep in tents and will have to resist wind and weather. They will do something they would never do on their own – but as a group they will reach their goal and share a great experience together. Hopefully it will inspire them to make this way of travelling an option for future holiday activities as well as outdoor activities in general....

  • 30 Jul De Buurtcamping

    The It’s Great Out There Coalition has awarded its seventh #itsgreatoutthere grant to a Dutch project called De Buurtcamping. The initiative is designed to unify local communities and provide opportunities for those living on low incomes to have a holiday, by giving them outdoor experiences in campsites set up in city parks. The #itsgreatoutthere grant is helping De Buurtcamping engage with local sports companies and activity providers to host a range of activities within the camps over the summer months....

  • 16 Okt Stamford Welland Academy

    Hundreds of young people from a school in eastern England are enjoying new experiences in the outdoors thanks to the award of an #itsgreatoutthere grant. Over 400 students, including 128 who had never been on the water before, have already been canoeing in boats that were purchased using the grant, led by Dom Brister from Stamford Welland Academy in Lincolnshire, part of the Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust. Thousands more will be given the chance to explore the outdoors in the canoes in the coming years, learning a wide range of new skills in the process....