DIY Travel Binder Printables for Kids on the Go

Big or small, every trip with your family is a new chance to make fun memories together. Whether you plan to camp out or stay in a hotel, it can be a challenge to keep the kiddos entertained and occupied during your travels. As anticipation builds for your trip and routines get thrown off, your kids may become less than cooperative. Luckily, with some preparation and practice, you can raise some great little travelers.

You’ve packed the usual activities: snacks, movies, electronics, and games but these all seem to have short life cycles. Switch up the activities for your kids to keep them fresh and exciting.

A travel binder is a great activity to keep on hand, especially for when the electronics die or when you need a peaceful moment to yourself. The great thing about activity binders is that you can customize them for each child depending on their age and interests. Pack these binders away in their backpacks or the backseat so they can pick up right where they left off last time. You can also easily replace and refill them with new activities as they complete them. 

To help you get started, use this free collection of 28 travel binder printables for kids of all ages.

For all ages

Personalize your child’s binder by allowing them to color and decorate their cover page. Slip it in the front pocket or secure it as the front page so that they can claim it as their own. These printables also include car coupons so your kids can earn and “buy” special treats for good behavior. There’s also a great coloring map and pages for tic-tac-toe games. 

For preschoolers

Little ones can be the most challenging to entertain but these printables can help them stay busy while you travel. This car puzzle helps them develop motor skills and problem solving to put the pieces back together and make a fancy car. 

For young learners

At this age, your kids are more alert to what’s going on outside the window. Have them track down the items in the scavenger hunt and check them off as they find them. You can play as a family or on teams to see how quickly you can find the items. 

For older learners

Challenge your older kids to practice creativity with these travel journal templates. This is a great way to document the memories and feelings on your trip and are fun to revisit later. 

Whether it’s getting lost or eating some special treats on the road, there’s always a unique memory to be made! When your kids reach a certain age, those traveling memories will last much longer than the length of the trip. 

Amanda Tallent is a content creator for The Zebra who develops helpful and compelling stories. Her passion for digital marketing and creative writing has led her to cover unique topics ranging from business to lifestyle. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and hiking with her Australian Shepherd.