Getting Europe Active


Helping you to stay fit and inspired at home
while access to our favorite places is limited.

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Hi there outdoor lover!
Are you also struggling to #stayathome?

Here at the It’s Great Out There Coalition, our main aim is to get Europe active outdoors. Like so many other people, we love the outdoors and it is really tough to know that the opportunities to enjoy our favorite places are limited for the moment.

Don’t panic, we are here to help!

We have a creative team who are full of great ideas for how to stay busy and active while in and around the home. And coalition members include some of the biggest outdoor companies in Europe, who are already coming up with some really imaginative and fun ways to continue your love affair with the outdoors, even when you can’t actually head outside to explore.

Check out our #outdoorsathome section to make the most of this difficult time. It’s packed with information and materials on staying active, keeping your kids moving (and busy), increasing your knowledge for the next adventure, maintaining your gear and much more…

Make sure you follow local advice on what you can and cannot do outside.

Check out our daily inspiration

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There is so much you can do at home

This collects ideas posted on social media tagged with #outdoorsathome and #getoutsideinside

We’re all in this together

Thanks to the whole outdoor recreation industry for coming together to help you get your outdoor fix during this difficult time.