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About the Coalition

We believe in the positive impact of outdoor activity on individuals and society.
Fitness, life skills, fun, health, unforgettable memories & a sustainable connection with nature – the power of outdoor sports is phenomenal.

With your help, the It’s Great Out There Coalition can inspire generations of Europeans to embrace the outdoors. So join us now and spread the message that #itsgreatoutthere.

We work in partnership with European, national and regional authorities, all of the outdoor recreation industries, non-profit associations, other organisations, and directly with the public, with the aim to…


people to
get active

An inspiring website

An outdoor activity planner

Introductions and information

Social media inspiration

Information on the benefits

‘Match-making’ introductions for projects and prospective partners


people and
outdoor projects
through grants

Events from our members

Grants to support new events

Professionals to support events

As a catalyst to create new events

By amplifying multiple events with our social media reach

We encourage everyone working in the outdoor recreation industries to donate to the coalition and invest in growing outdoor participation.


through lobbying politicians
and governing bodies to
support outdoor activity

Endorse the outdoor ‘solution’

Promote information on the benefits

Lobby politicians and governing bodies to support outdoor activity

Work toward more funding for outdoor activity

We raise sponsorship, commercial partnerships and grants to help deliver our work.

We are an International Non Profit Association run by a volunteer board of experienced industry directors, with a sustainable balance sheet and strong accountable governance.

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