5 excuses not to exercise during vacation – and how to argument against them

Summer is the time for vacation and weekend trips. Too often we hear friends, family and co-workers talking about their plans to be active during their vacation to show off a well-trained body on the beach, and to come back fitter and healthier. More often than not, these plans are forgotten during travels and our friends come back relaxed but are complaining about the lack of exercise. Our time off should be spent relaxing and but it doesn’t have to be without physical activity.


That’s why our partner Sport Scheck has identified 5 excuses for not exercising during vacation and how to argument against them:

1. There’s no room in my luggage for sports equipment – Running
That shouldn’t be a problem if you go running during your travels. Simply wear your running shoes already on the plane. A t-shirt and shirts have been packed anyways, right? Just make sure not to run during the day when sun ist the strongest. Sunrise or sunset runs are much nicer anyways.


2. I want to relax during my vacation – Yoga
Yoga is perfect for anyone wanting to slow down and leave the stress of the everyday routine behind. Watching your breath will help you to be more relaxed. No need for a yoga mat – your towel will do just fine.


3. It is way to hot for exercise – Watersports
35 degrees in the shadow? Perfect for watersports. You can choose between swimming, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or supping. What will you choose?


4. We’re going on a city trip – Cycling/Running
City residents can exercise just as well. Explore the city of your choosing by bike, instead of the bus or a train. Many cities offer sighseeing bike tours. And why not check out the park next to your hotel for a morning run?


5. My partner doesn’t like exercise – So what
Either you have to tell your partner how important exercise is for you, or you can motivate him/her to go on a hike followed by a romantic sunset picnic.

Read more on the Sport Scheck blog. Source: Sportart sticht Ausrede – so läuft es rund im Urlaub