3 Questions for Oliver Seitz from 4Fcircle

To stay fit, is as much a matter of cause as eating and drinking – and shall be just as enjoyable. 4Fcircle® makes this need its own. Many people don’t wish to train on our own in the woods, but in the center of towns. On streets and open places, city parks and adventure parks, thats where the everyday fitness is happening. 4Fcircle® is always available, open 24 hours, animates everyone and anyone to try it out and simply convinces and motivates people to absolve their everyday training.

The 4Fcircle equipment offers anyone the chance for goal- orientated training of coordination, strength, endurance, movability as well as mobilisation and are also the optimal  addition to already existing Sports- and fitness sites such as running / walking tracks, Trimm-Trails or School – and Sports parks of any kind.

We talked to Oliver from 4Fcircle® to find out out a little more about his personal motivations.

Hi Oliver, please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Oliver Seitz, I’m working as ‚sports-scientist‘ with our 4Fcircle©-concept, and my vision is to provide public space with motivating opportunities for outdoor-fitness for everybody.

What does sports and going outdoors mean to you?

Sports, especially outdoors, gives me the perfect opportunity to combine passion (while being active in nature) + work (in my job for 4Fcircle©) in helping get others into motion.

How are you helping people to be active?

We are providing public space (parc areas, sports areas, schools…) with fitness-parcours-equipment and show the users how to handle it…

What was a special moment for you of someone getting inspired and feeling the benefits of sports?

There are quite a few stories, but the very special moments in my work are, when for example old people become aware that ‚it ain’t over yet‘ and that they still can move their body…

Thanks Oliver.


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